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Rice and Pullao

Rice and Pullao

Plain Rice


Pyazwale Chawal (onion flavored rice)


Kashmiri Pullao (served with fruit and nuts)


Tarkari Pullao (cooked with vegetables and nuts)


Lemon Rice (cooked with mustard, turmeric and lemons)


Zeera Rice (cumin flavored)


Yogurt Rice (temper with mustard seeds & curry leaves)


Peas Pullao (rice cooked with peas, turmeric and spices)


Murg Biryani (basmati rice prepared with yakhni and nuts)


Lamb Biryani (rice cooked with minted lamb and spice)


Maharaja Bhog

pan fried rice with prawns, fish, lamb, chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes and capsicum