It is true, food is the essence of life. But, also due to the sedentary lifestyle of present day, we need to keep a track of what we are consuming. All the lovely aromas and textures of food seem to tease us, entice us, and it is simply heartbreaking when we cannot feast on the delicious cuisines just because of their calorie count. But, thank heavens for a few Indian recipes easily available at any Indian restaurant in Armadale, that are just delightful in taste and at the same time help you to tone down.

Contradicting the old myth that Indian food is very oily and rich and will fatten you up, nutritionists believe it to be a healthy choice of cuisine. Why? It seems the soul of Indian cuisine is the secret ingredient that assists a lot in solving the weight-related issues. Yes, undoubtedly, it is the spices we are talking about. But, not only that, there is a lot more to the story.

Vegetables Can be Delicious Too:

Indian food does not have to be spicy, let alone fast food, as the whole wide world of Indian cuisine is very diverse and unique. In fact, various Indian recipes might save your diet if you decide to go to an Indian Restaurant in Armadale for dinner and especially if you do not take animal protein. India is the paradise of vegetarian food, since, much of the population gave up meat under the premise that life is sacred. Still, apart from the vegetarian recipes, Indian food also consists of all kinds of seafood on the coast, fish and meat. But, fresh vegetables are of course better option if you are planning on losing weight and the diversity and delectable taste of cuisines add the brownie points.

Save Calories with Tandoor:

One of the best parts of the Indian cooking is that you can find the very tasty dishes prepared with the ‘tandoor’ technique that provides much less calories than a fry or stew. It is like a roast in a clay oven at high temperatures that allows food (previously marinated) to be made quickly without drying out, with all the flavor of the spices intact. The spices used in the tandoor recipes promotes the burning of fats and since the recipes do not include any oil or butter, it turns out to be a healthier option that you can try in an Indian restaurant in Armadale.

Curries: An Obvious Choice for Good Health:

In the provinces of India, you will find many dishes composed of vegetables, either sauteed or in curries, the perfect accompaniment to a rice with nuts (which will provide healthy fats). The minimal use of spice in the water-based broth of vegetables improves the nutritional value of the food while it tastes divine. Who said nutritious food has to be boring? After you taste the light Indian curries, you can definitely ask that yourself. And, of course, don’t forget to check it yourself in any Indian restaurant in Armadale.

Indian Spices can Do It All:

As mentioned earlier, the main ingredient of any Indian food is common spices like cumin, turmeric, etc. the spices that bring endless benefits. The antioxidant, as well as antiseptic properties, make the spices a very good healing agent. On top of that, spices also increase the metabolism rate, which is why they are beneficial in shedding weight. So, if you are dining in an Indian restaurant in Armadale, you can understand how spices bind the dish together with its flavours and at the same time you know you are helping your body heal and burn calories.

Desserts to Ditch Pounds:

Desserts in Indian cuisine are mostly prepared with fruits and nuts, such as mango or pistachio, much healthier than cakes or smoothies that we can find in other restaurants. It is common to find sweet options made from chickpeas, lentils or carrots, ingredients that many might find queer or a little out of place, but we bet if you try them once, it will become your favorite. Recipes like Gajar ka Halva is made with mashed carrots, a healthy choice, but is also very delicious. Or the Lassi, a yogurt smoothie made with nuts and spices. They are really great ingredients that are amazing to taste and also improves the digestion of the body.

So, tell me, do you need more reasons to love Indian food? Now, it is time to book a table at your nearby Indian restaurant in Armadale and just dig in to the taste of exotic recipes.