The taste and flavour of Curries are so deeply inculcated in the Indian cuisine that they have become an inseparable part of the Indian culture. The word “Curry” is applied generically to a series of fragrant and flavourful stews accentuated with spices from India and Southeast Asia, which is generally served in any Indian restaurant in Malvern East. The word curry has evolved from the word “kari” which means ‘sauce’ in Tamil, the language of Tamil Nadu, a state in south-eastern India that has one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Indian curries were not so renowned in other countries until a few years ago, but, as of today the rich texture and tanginess of the curries have triumphed all over the world and in England, Curry has almost become the national dish. In Melbourne also, you can explore the taste of curries in the many great Indian restaurants.

Let’s start our journey through the legendary tales of a few curries from India that we have been enjoying but had very little knowledge about its spices and preparation.

The Mustard Prawns:

This unique curry from Bengal, is a very delicious preparation made from the fresh prawns. The sauce is made from a paste of mustard seeds and poppy seeds along with smoked chillies to infuse a gorgeous flavour that will beguile your palate. So, if you are in an Indian restaurant in Malvern East, don’t forget to have a taste.

Butter Chicken

The signature Indian dish from Punjab is made with soft tender pieces of chicken cooked in a thick gravy of cashew nuts and tomatoes. Fragrant spices like green cardamom, fenugreek leaves adda noteworthy essence to it. This nutritious Indian dish can be devoured along with any Indian bread and is easily available in any Indian restaurant in Malvern East.

Laal Maas

A very esteemed recipe from Rajasthan, Laal Maas is a very hot and spicy lamb recipe prepared with yogurt and Mathania chillies. This is an intensely vibrant dish and a fair warning to everyone, if you like very lightly spiced food, then it might be too spicy for you. Otherwise, all those looking for a food adventure, give this dish a chance, it will just blow your mind with its explosion of flavours. It can be eaten in any Indian restaurant in Malvern East along with rice as well as Indian bread.

Beef Vindaloo

A great delight from Goa, beef vindaloo is a hot and tangy curry loved by everyone for its unique texture. It goes very well with well-cooked rice. So, if you are in search of something different to suffice your palate, try giving beef vindaloo a chance in an Indian restaurant in Malvern East.


A typical recipe of the Malabar area of Kerala (southern region of India, located between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea), the jhingamalabaris a real delicacy in a subtle combination of many spices blended with coconut milk, tomatoes and onions. The refreshing tanginess of the dish makes it one of my most loved curries. Tastes best when served with hot rice. So, if you are an admirer of Indian food, don’t forget to sample it.

We at Moti Mahal Restaurant, give taste the primary preference, so if you happen to love binging on delicious dishes, come, visit us at Malvern East. We will be all prepared to dazzle you with our extraordinary flair of cooking.