Food of any nation is like taking a trip through the dusty lanes knowing the culture and heritage of that land. Indian food in particular, just like the country itself, is very rich and colourful. The aromatic curries and gravies from India have found its place in the hearts of millions of crowds outside India as well. But, the diversity of Indian Cuisine does not end here. With a magnanimous number of rice recipes from the different regions of India, the very fragrant Indian rice recipes if available are something that you shouldn’t escape the chance to indulge in. But, probably consuming all the hundreds of Indian rice recipes can be a little bit difficult, so, here we have sorted out top five recipes that are easily available in any Indian restaurant in Glen Iris.

Go, ahead then get ready for a feast!

  • Murg Biriyani: Descending from the royal kitchen of nawabs, Biriyani is a real treasure among the rice dishes of the world. Prepared with exotic spices, herbs and other seasonings, this dish tastes as magnificent as it looks imperial. Long grains of fluffy rice adorned with chunks of tender chicken in a mouthful will just taste divine, so while frequenting any Indian restaurant in Glen Iris, give in to a sampling of this delightful recipe. This dish is served along with a yogurt sauce which is very fresh and simple, so complements the complex flavours of the Biriyani.
  • Kashmiri Pulao: Casting a glimpse of the heavenly province of Kashmir, the Kashmiri pulao reflects enticing colours, flavour and beauty. This sumptuous pulao is slightly sweet in taste as it is loaded with fresh exotic fruits and majestic dry fruits. Like in all other Indian cuisines, this particular dish is also perfumed with a specific selection of spices and herbs. This a vegetarian Indian recipe, so if you are on a strict no-meat diet, explore the richness of this dish in your nearby Indian restaurant in Glen Iris.
  • Yogurt Rice: Contradicting the rich, fiery and spicy recipes of North, here is a simple yet tempting recipe from the beautiful parts of South India. As it could be guessed easily, yogurt rice is created with a good dollop of fresh yogurt, which is then perfectly seasoned with a little mustard seeds and curry leaves for that mild scent that will water your mouth. It tastes a little sour, which makes it perfect to eat in a scorching hot climate. So, now you know what food you can try during the hot-hot days of Australia.
  • Lamb Biriyani: If you like red meat, then this Indian recipe undoubtedly requires your full attention. Soft, tender and juicy pieces of lamb dipped in thick, velvety gravy are spread over a carpet of aromatic rice. As the origin of other biriyanis in India, this dish can also be traced back to the exemplary cooking styles of Nawabs. Don’t forget to have a heartful of this royal recipe if you happen to be in an Indian restaurant in Glen Iris.
  • Kheer: Trust Indians to create a delicious sweet dish recipe with rice! Last but not the least in our menu is the amazing dessert that is served all over India but with slight modification in its name like payasam in Southern India, payesh in East India, etc. The rice is cooked well with milk and various dry fruits for an amazing taste, whereas, cardamom and saffron add a note of blissful fragrance. There is no better way to end a meal except delving in a bowl full of Kheer. So, when are you giving it a try?