Spices and herbs are an integral part of Indian cuisine. The exotic flavours associated with Indian dishes are attributed to various spices. The huge popularity of Indian delicacies across the globe is largely because of these authentic Indian spices or desi masalas. Traditional Indian cuisine is known to use a wide variety of spices that give the colour, character and distinctive flavours to your hot favourite Indian delicacy. Visit the best Indian restaurant in Kayoing and enjoy delectable Indian treats.

Are spices used in Indian cuisine?

All Indian chefs are in the habit of using a whole lot of spices and seasonings in the food they create. Black mustard seeds, golden turmeric, cinnamon, ginger root, cardamom, chillies are just a few of the commonly used authentic Indian spices that pep up the typical Indian recipes and take culinary delight to a whole new level. Spices are added depending on the kind of dish such as fish, red meat, chicken, vegetable, etc.

What is so unique about the spices used in Indian cuisine?

Indian spices are unique in their own way. However, the greatest thing about these spices is simply that different kinds of flavours could be extracted by the use of diverse methods, from one and the same spice. The different methods used for making the most of these authentic desi masalas are roasting, grinding, adding whole spices or even combining spices. The garam masala is a magical mix of various ingredients and adds a zing to ordinary recipes and gives a whole new dimension to the dish. Come to any reputed Indian restaurant that is based in Kayoing and enjoy the distinctive flavours and amazing taste of authentic Indian treats.

What is Garam Masala and what are its chief ingredients?

Garam masala is an authentic Indian desi masala mix. It is a mind-blowing combination of warm spices that includes cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, and clove. However, the chief ingredients or the proportion of each ingredient in the mix may vary from region to region and it is not a standard mix. Garam masala is used to add character and depth to any dish. Standard Indian dishes are taken to a whole new level thanks to the infusion of garam masala.

What is the top secret about using garam masala in your hot & spicy Indian curry?

Garam masala powder should be added to any dish when the entire cooking is done. If you add the powder at the end, the taste and the aroma of these warm spices could be preserved, thus, giving a boost of flavour before the dish is being served.

What are some of the most common and frequently used spices in Indian food?

The most common spices that are frequently used while preparing Indian food are cloves, carom seeds, turmeric, mustard, and cumin among many such authentic Indian spices. Apart from these commonly used spices, chefs use several types of herbs and other spices to create finger-licking and unforgettable dishes.

What are the different techniques of using the authentic Indian spices?

Curry, bhuna, and tadka are some of the most frequently used methods or techniques of using spices in the traditional Indian preparations. In the conventional Indian curry, authentic desi masalas such as turmeric or haldi, fenugreek or methi, coriander or dhania, cloves or lawng are used. Spices are cooked in hot oil to remove the raw flavours in the bhuna method.  The tadka method involves warming up of some oil and then adding whole spices to the hot oil until they start spluttering. Then the oil including the whole spices is added to dals and curries for an added punch. Come to an authentic Indian restaurant in Kayoing and enjoy the delicious dishes. The spices give a whole new dimension to Indian curries and other dishes.