India is a conglomeration of various cultures. Looking at the history of India we find that with every invasion and with the rule of every new ruler, the roots of that particular culture has been planted and mixed with the prevalent culture of the land. Culture includes language, dress, habits and of course food. India’s vastness and the mixed culture have produced a variety of food items that are eaten by the people across the country. Food habits again depend on the climatic conditions. People from the temperate climate have a completely different set of food items from the people living in the desert region. Indians living abroad have also been fortunate to have Indian dishes in foreign lands at Indian restaurants. Indian restaurants in Australia, where people from Armadale and Iris Glen visit, serve a wide variety of Indian dishes to their clients.

North Brings It All

Indian food may be mainly categorised into North Indian, Mughlai, East Indian and South Indian food. The Indian restaurants in Armadale offer a vast variety of food depending on the taste buds and the regional cuisines. North Indian food includes veg and non-veg dishes. The dishes in the veg segment include dishes made from different kinds of pulses, spinach, paneer, etc. Chapattis and rice go well in the veg part. While in the non-veg segment of North Indian cuisine you can always find the predominance of nothing, but chicken.

The Magic of Mughlai

There are various preparations made from chicken in the Mughlai style which are big hits in India and also abroad. A dish worth mentioning is the biriyani. It is a dish, which almost every Indian is fond of eating. People from other countries are, in the course of time, treating their taste buds to the majestic experience of royal cuisine.