India has made a name for itself on the global landscape for a variety of reasons, but one of the things that people around the world love and admire the country for is their love of culture and cuisine. Food brings the world together, and Indian cuisine offers a pantheon of dishes so impressive that almost everyone is awed by it. Characterized by its incredible flavours and bright colours, authentic Indian cuisine is an absolute delight. Head over to an Indian restaurant in Armadale to try these dishes today.

Embrace India’s Popular Chicken Dishes

Chicken tikka is a fiery dish involving boneless chunks of chicken marinated in a paste of ginger and garlic in yogurt with herbs and spices. These are then grilled in a tandoor which is an oriental clay oven. It is a perfect appetizer and goes well with all kinds of drinks.

Another incredibly popular dish is Tandoori Chicken which involves big, succulent pieces marinated in a similar mixture and char-grilled to a distinctive red colour. The amazing taste is bound to keep you coming back for more.

India’s Favourite Lamb Preparation

Perhaps the most celebrated lamb-based dish in India is the Rogan Josh. A royal affair, it involves loading the lamb with clarified butter, referred to the locals as “ghee”. This leads to a smooth, silky texture and an incredible aroma. Originating from the valleys of Kashmir, the Rogan Josh involves putting braised pieces of lamb in exotic gravy composed of onions and exotic masalas in a yogurt base. It feels like heaven on your taste buds and is perhaps the one thing you should never miss when you visit the most reputed Indian restaurant located in Armadale.

Lentils Are an Indian Staple

Indian vegetarian cuisine is incomplete without lentils. They are healthy and delicious and go well with rice as well as various varieties of flatbread like rotis and naans.

Dal Makhni: A hot favourite among vegetarians worldwide, Dal Makhni originates from Punjab in North India. It consists of whole black lentils (urad dal), some kidney beans (rajma), tomato puree and a gracious amount of butter and fresh cream. The end result is a delectable, creamy mix that will mesmerise you.

Indian Veggie Specialties

Navratan Korma: Navratan korma is another widely celebrated vegetarian dish. Originating in Mughlai cuisine, it combines nine varieties of fruits and vegetables in a creamy yogurt and cashew paste base. It tastes wonderful with rotis as well as basmati long-grain rice.

Malai Kofta:  This is an absolute delight and is served on most special occasions. It consists of cottage cheese (paneer) and khoya (dried whole milk). These are rolled into balls and then dipped in a special creamy sauce. Analogous to meatballs, malai koftas taste like a slice of heaven and can be found at any Indian restaurant worth its salt in Armadale.

Baingan Ka Bharta: This is a dish that everyone enjoys. Char-grilled aubergines are married with incredible herbs to come up with a tangy, irresistible dish that will leave you licking your lips.

The Indian flavour landscape is vast and varied. You can get a slice of it at your nearest Indian restaurant in and around Armadale.