Somewhere, someday, I once heard, Food is memory…  That time, the depth of the words completely eluded me but today, when I smell the lovely aroma of spices and herbs drifting from any Indian restaurant in Armadale, it takes me back to my childhood days when I used to jump around in the kitchen while my mum used to cook the most delicious savoury Indian dishes.

After the huge leap of time, in present day, I find my solace for food in Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant, when I inhale the mouth-watering smell of Rogan Josh, Lamb Korma, Paneer Makhani, and as such Indian dishes and cherish those reminiscence of past.

Authentic Indian food requires a perfect balance of exotic spices and herbs, whose taste will linger in your memory and heart forever after you taste it once. But, if you are having Indian food for the first time, then all the bursting flavours and fragrant spices can be a bit overwhelming and also, the names might sound too tough or confusing to remember.

So, to help you out in your food expedition, from the list of amazing Indian cuisines served at Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant, I have selected a few specific dishes that will help you enact with the tradition and culture of Indians and their undying passion for food.

  • Navaratan Korma: Navaratan Korma is a heavenly Indian vegetarian recipe cooked with cottage cheese, nuts and vegetables. Navaratan means “Nine Gems”, so as per the name, in this Indian cuisine, nine exquisite ingredients equivalent to priceless gems are added to enhance the taste. Now, I won’t disclose the names of all the nine ingredients, it is upon you to go visit an Indian restaurant in Armadale and explore the rich, creamy dish and find out on your own. After all, we all like a little bit of mystery…don’t we?
  • Banarasi Dum Aloo: As the name suggests, this Indian dish hails from the divine city of Banaras. This is a dish of potatoes stuffed with rare nuts, sultanas, and cumin flavoured cottage cheese and cooked in a rich gravy accompanied by aromatic spices. You can sample this delightful Indian recipe along with butter naan or kulcha or jeera rice. Try it once and soon you will be revisiting that Indian restaurant in Armadale for more.
  • Dal Makhni: It is often said that sometimes simple flavours and textures of food may create an utter magic. This common Punjabi dish is prepared with lentils and kidney beans in a buttery, creamy gravy that you just can’t stop eating after the first spoonful of it. Try dal makhni with naan or rice, I can bet this Indian dish will warm your heart.
  • Samudri Khazana: Are you a seafood lover? Because if you are, then this is the perfect dish for you. Loaded with prawns, crabs, meat and fish, this Indian recipe is cooked in coconut sauce, thus, adding that unforgettable note that makes this dish eternal. A little rice along with this wonderful gravy … and you will be lost in the ocean of flavours. Seafood lover or not, you should try this in any Indian restaurant in Armadale.
  • Bakri Santrewali: Descended from the hills and valleys of the Himalayas in India, this Indian recipe is prepared with goat meat and the very fresh Australian native peppers. One of the very famous dishes from Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant, this is a real treat for food admirers. So, sample this authentic dish with your friends and families and relish the uniqueness of this Indian cuisine.
  • Chicken Dhansak: This is a very special Parsi dish, where the chicken is prepared with red lentils and dhansak masala (spices) to give it a distinct twist. If you are looking for a little unique kind of Indian food, then this will be the right choice. Just give it a try and you will simply love it.

Moti Mahal has won the hearts of millions with their inimitable culinary delights for almost a quarter of a century. In this joyous ride of food and flavours, come, visit us, so that we can share our food, our heritage and our passion with you.