Indian cuisine is famous worldwide for its diversity, taste and mind-blowing flavours. India is known for its culinary treasure. Indians are full of life and they have a major fascination for good food. India is one country that is synonymous with food and you could find diverse dishes in Indian cuisine thanks to the diversity in culture across different states in India. Indians love Tandoori delicacies. Tandoori dishes are char grilled in a tandoor or a clay oven. Tandoori items are extremely popular worldwide as they are super-delicious, healthy and have amazing char-grilled aroma. Order your favourite tandoori item from any reputed Indian restaurant Armadale.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is undisputedly the most popular Tandoori item. It is loved by one and all and is supposed to be a staple in practically all menus of Indian restaurants worldwide. This is made with large chicken leg pieces and breast pieces that are marinated overnight in hung curd, ginger & garlic paste, and authentic Indian spices including the garam masala. These marinated chicken pieces are then cooked over high heat in a Clay oven called a Tandoor. Tandoori chicken tastes amazing and it is juicy and succulent.

Tandoori chicken could easily be incorporated in your meals as it is healthy with minimal amount of refined oil. This is quite a hot favourite with children but is equally relished by both youngsters and adults. It is a pretty good option to enjoy along with your weekend drinks. Usually Tandoori chicken is served straight out of the Tandoor with lip-smacking coriander and mint chutneys and salad. Any reputed Indian restaurant in Armadale would include the popular Tandoori Chicken on their menu.

Reshmi Kebabs

Reshmi kebabs are another well-known and frequently ordered Tandoori dish. They are often referred to as malai kebabs. Reshmi kebabs truly melt in your mouth as they are marinated for hours in hung yogurt and milk cream. They are mildly flavoured and not so spicy so they are also loved by small children. Reshmi kebabs are also frequently ordered in most Indian restaurants.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is another hot favourite item comprising chunks of boneless chicken pieces marinated in a thick yogurt mix. The marinade is said to include several authentic Indian spices or desi masalas in hung yogurt.  These boneless chicken chunks are grilled in a tandoor over high heat. These chicken pieces are often brushed with clarified butter or ghee to add to the already yummy taste and to heighten the enticing char-grilled flavours. Chicken tikka is mostly served as starters or entrees.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka comprises cubes of fresh paneer marinated in a flavoursome and spicy yogurt and fresh cream marinade. Then the marinated paneer cubes are grilled to perfection in a tandoor. This is a quintessential Indian vegetarian delicacy and found in almost every Indian restaurant worldwide.

Tandoori Jhinga

Tandoori Jhinga is a truly mouth-watering dish comprising simply grilled prawns. Just like Tandoori Chicken, the king prawns are marinated in a spicy and flavoursome hung curd marinade and then grilled in a tandoor. When cooked at the right temperature, Tandoori prawns could be really succulent and juicy. Often the traditional version is given a slight twist by innovative chefs. The king prawns are sometimes marinated in a white wine that is nicely combined with authentic Indian spices and herbs. This is a hot favourite entrée and could be ordered in any good restaurant in Armadale.