Customer service is the key to the success of any restaurant. Different things contribute to a fantastic dining experience. Here are some of the most common things that customers usually expect from a good restaurant. It is quite obvious that customers would be heading to a restaurant for having good quality food. So let us explore other things that would attract customers to a restaurant other than the obviously mind-blowing food.

Earnestness and Good Communication

Guests would love to visit a restaurant where they get a warm welcome and where they are treated with sincerity and earnestness. If the restaurant workforce makes the effort to know and remember the names of loyal and regular customers, remember their drink and food preferences, and make suggestions, customers would love to go back to that restaurant again and again.

It is equally important to communicate online with the customers. Any restaurant that has an active social media presence is bound to be successful. Restaurants must always sort out customer disputes sincerely and directly and they must never ignore negative reviews. Customers would love to go back to a restaurant where they are treated as people and they expect a real connection. Come enjoy a fulfilling restaurant experience at an Indian restaurant in Glen Iris.

Flexible Menu

Customers may have food preferences, dietary restrictions, or allergies. Restaurants must try to arrange for substitutes if the situation demands it. Customers would be happy to make some changes as per their taste buds. If you are visiting a restaurant, you should be able to make slight changes. For instance, while ordering vegetable pakoras, you could ask for no chillies if you are allergic to green chillies. Likewise, while ordering samosa chaat you could be asking for more of the sweet tangy tamarind chutney instead of the green chutney. Customers do appreciate that it is not possible to change everything but a slightly flexible menu would certainly make customers go back with a smile.

Well-informed Wait Staff

The wait staff must not only be immaculate, they essentially must have sound knowledge about the food that is being served especially, in case of fine dining. Customers are looking for information such as health information, wine pairings, and seasonal menu details etc. from the service staff. A restaurant should have experienced wait staff conversant with the ways of the restaurant, the menu, and the food. Visit an Indian restaurant in Glen Iris and rest assured to have a great dining experience thanks to a highly proficient and knowledgeable staff.

Quick Payment Procedure

Customers would like to leave as soon as possible once the meal is done. Nobody has the time or the willingness to keep waiting for the payment procedure to be complete. Unnecessary delays in delivering the receipts or returning the change is a terrible way of ending even the finest of culinary experiences. Customers are happy to see tech-savvy restaurants who take payment quickly and boast of cutting-edge software that lets you split bills easily. Restaurants must demonstrate the fact that they understand the value of time and they believe in delivering a good after dining experience too. Come to an Indian restaurant in Glen Iris to enjoy a wonderful dining experience, with your family and close friends.

We agree that there is no substitute for great food and that food is crucial to the overall restaurant experience but something more than food would keep customers happy and motivate them to come back again and again.